Wiimote” is the motion-sensitive controllerfor Nintendo’s next generation console Wii. It brings totally new experience of not only video games but also interactive TV(including internet surfing via Opera browser).

That is great, but the shape of Wiimote is still “remote control”, a long rectangle bar. It could have been made much smaller if they invested more in power source. Silicone fitting holding globes (in different sizes for children and adults) could make the experience more enjoyable.

The name is great, too. Wii sounds like ‘we’, which emphasizes that the console is for everyone and spells with two “i”s to imply an image of players gathering together.

I think Hello, Nintendo is pretty much spot-on. A recent articlein Economist seems to agree with Nintendo’s Long Tail

Nintendo set out to reach beyond existing gamers and expand the market. This would involve simpler games that could be played for a few minutes at a time and would appeal to non-gamers or casual gamers (who play simple games on the web but would not dream of buying a console). They would be based on new, easy-to-use controls. And they would rely on real-life rather than escapist scenario.

I foresee a great Wii success.