Do you remember 10×10? It’s been almost 2 years since its sensational launch on 4th November. Check it again and explore what our world looked like using the neat history navigation.

Jonathan Harris, the creator of 10×10, did it again. Yahoo! Time Capsule  (warning: the site is heavy use of flash) is the world’s first digital anthropology collection. It includes photos, writings, videos, audio, and drawings contributed by Yahoo! users worldwide. The capsule is open for contributions from October 10, 2006 (10×10 coincidence!?) to November 8, 2006.  It has very nice navigation and interesting search interface. But it’s very difficult to select a location from the long scrolling list. I wish it used fisheye menu for it.

In UK, the National Trust is encouraging people to record a diary of their day on a website, as part of what is being called “Britain’s biggest blog“.

While they are interesting making history events, we have already been busy creating a day-by-day record of humanity simply by blogging and photos/video sharing and tagging. At Flickr, you can go back in time up to July 2004 to see interesting photos people viewed, commented on or favoured, but you can’t see how they tagged photos at that time. At, you can search news and blogs going back over a year with a interactive histogram of results. Google news launched news archive search, but as far as I know there is no search engine that allows you to search news or blogs or see tag clouds going back in time.

In that sense, most of our digital contributions are buried in unintentional time capsule in information flood.