Today ,a good Day!
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  1. Aircraft produce about 5.5% of UK emissions. I thought it was more than that.
  2. Eight months to notice a leak!Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant
  3. Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) blue fish-tick label – Eat sustainably caught fish
  4. £200 finefor putting a single sheet of paper in a bag reserved for glass and tin – a wrong signal to recycling! 
  5. Guide Dogs is securing the future of its breeding stock by freezing semen –  75th anniversary of guide dogs
  6. Each guide dog litter is named by a letter in the alphabet except X an A litter, for example, could be named Adam, Anna, Algie, Amy and Albert.
  7. Overtoun Bridge – Dogs don’t commit suicide!  [via Stranger than Fiction series on Five]
  8. The complete works of Charles Darwin Online – will be completed by 2009. I want a RSS feed on wonderful images.
  9. New Seven Wonders of the WorldKiyomuze Temple short listed
  10. Row of Lights – Wishing you all a Happy Diwali!