autumn jewels
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  1. Alternative number site saves on 0870 calls Don’t get ripped off.
  2. Global fishing fleet consumes more oil annually than most nations and the fishing industry is called “the most energy-intensive food production method in the world today”.
  3. Planet enters ‘ecological debt’
  4. Some 16% of Scotland’s electricity already comes from wind power.
  5. $100 laptops planned for children around the world, The One Laptop Per Child project, runs Linux.
  6. Process Explorer can tell you what “svchost.exe”‘s are.
  7. Mozilla doesn’t want to lose the Firefox trademark if it ever becomes a generic trademark.
  8. The Nobel Peace Prize for 2006 was awarded to the Grameem Bank and Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh. The “village Bank” has 99 percent repayment rate on its microfinancing.
  9. My work mate is suffering from Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). Get well soon, Tony
  10. ‘the Beckham of the baize’ – Paul Hunter (1978-2006) R.I.P.